Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sculpture Number 8

At last another post.  I included a photo of the piece while I was still working on it with the model in the background.  I love the way my piece came out but I don't think it looks like the model. After finishing this we got lessons on making our own glazes.  I've been attending a figurative sculpture class in Chicago at Lill Street now for 2 years.  I've learn so much and improved so much.  Before class this week I just felt down with no time to sculpt with the kids activities and before that my injury.  I was not able to keep up my personnel challenge and thought perhaps it would be easier to just get a job or read my book.  I was not happy with this piece at first but after spending time yesterday I've changed my mind.  I need to work more and the kids are almost back in school so I'll have more time.  But the bottom line is I won't always have the most perfect time to sculpt so I need to learn to sculpt during the inconvenient off moments.