Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sculpture number 5.

It took me almost two weeks to complete this sculpture rather than the one I'd planned.  But it did teach me that I can find studio time during a crazy busy week filled with two many distractions to count.  My studio was tied up for one whole day while I had better lights installed.  A friend was doing the installation  while I had tea with his wife and our dogs played outside.  I do enjoy time with friends but it cut out an entire day from my work schedule.  The new lighting is wonderful.  My studio is in the basement and now I have such bright lights I feel as if I'm in a room filled with windows.  I have four canned lights with 90 watt daylight spotlights shining down on my table.  With my table ott light I don't think I'll get eye fatigue anymore.  As I'm not really young anymore that is a good thing.

One other problem holding up production was the head.  It kept falling off every time I moved the piece despite a skewer through the head and body and a clay piece under the head for support.  It just needed time to set up a bit before I could continue work.  So I may wish to complete a piece in one week the clay may have its own agenda.  Until next time....

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